We make change happen. 

We use behavioural science to develop

the insight you need to transform strategy, 

marketing and communications. 


And we teach you how to do it too. 

Behavioural science can benefit everybody

We develop insight and behaviour-led marketing to increase impact, focus and make a positive difference. Our clients include the NHS, public health, social enterprises, charities large and small. 
 Our three core services are:


Behaviour change bootcamp

Chances are you have heard of nudge and probably watched a few You Tube videos on heuristics. But it's the practical application that can lose people. This bootcamp debunks the science and makes the application easy so you can get started. 

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Online engagement using behavioural science

See the challenges you are tackling through the eyes of your audience. Understand their beliefs, barriers and habits so you can begin to see possible innovation and solutions. This is not consultation. We use behavioural science to design online engagement. 

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Insight & theory of change consultancy

We know understanding your audience is the most effective way to inspire change. Often your first challenge is making sense of all the research. We can do this for you, and develop your Theory of Change or bespoke audience insight to generate the change you seek. 

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What can you expect working with Social Insight?

With over 15 years experience delivering behaviour change, we know the challenges you face in delivery of your projects and marketing. Awareness isn't enough, reach is great, but how do you know you are making an impact and with whom?

Understanding your audience is the beating heart of successful change. Audience insight informs policy, strategy and marketing and if done right, it is your map of change. This is what we do for you. Keeping it simple and easy so it is transferable and actionable too.

And because we have an absolute passion for marketing, and believe every communications pro should have behavioural science in their wheel-box we have dedicated training to skill up and empower lasting change. 


Chief changemaker


Hi, I'm Ruth and I lead the charge for the Social Insight vision. I have been delivering behaviour-change marketing for well over a decade and I'm proud to have spent 2020 supporting Public Health England COVID-19 response.  Before that I have led communication departments for the NHS including a London Hospital; and I have had the privilege to support Local Government, social enterprises, and large and small charities. 

Challenges I have tackled include vaccination hesitancy, addiction, domestic violence, reducing demand at  A&E, healthy lifestyles, teenager resilience (loneliness, anxiety), obesity and smoking. 

NHS: Reduce demand in A&E

Bespoke online focus groups and persona development to segment audiences and target messaging. This insight went on to develop a campaign that won the CIPR Silver Award.

Public Health & NHS Stop Smoking 

Working with Prochaska & Dimentas Theory of Change Model to increase successful quit attempts and normalse smokefree environments

Public Health: Vaccine Hesitancy

Insight development to understand why people don't vaccinate and a theory of change to inform long term policy on how to increase uptake including marketing strategy.

Polish online engagement

Theory of change developed based on behavioural science, to shape strategy and service development. We undertook some online engagement in Polish to ensure we captured the barriers, beliefs and triggers of all audiences. 

Active Devon & Sport England

Insight development and theory of change developed to support 5 year programme of work to get workplaces active and communities moving. Creative sessions with families and employees. 



Online insight development with families and young people. Using behavioural science to co-create young people's support offer and communications.'s all B.S. anyway!

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